Re: [cc65] __fastcall__

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2015-01-14 22:37:15

The linker does actually seem to have a lot of the framework in place
> - I can declare ROM0, ROM and ROM2 to have the same addresses already
> and put different code in each, and I think (need to test it for real)
> that with the output file options I can also make it write them to
> different files.

There's no need for investigation in that area as there's already a
"multiple-output-files-for-same-addr" linker config at (and a demo
using it at

> It does mean you can't easily bank data or even rodata (because you
> take pointers to it and pass it out elsewhere eg in pritnf()) but for
> pure code it's historically worked OK in the tools I've used.

The comments in the demo above follow the very same reasoning.


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