User contributions

This page is for user contributions. Often people write programs that might be useful for others, either for actual use or to demonstrate a specific cc65 feature. Most of these programs never make it out of the hard disk of the author, which in many cases is a pity (admittedly, in some cases it is not:-).

Some time in the future, I will dynamically create a list of the available files for easier browsing - for now, please visit the contrib directory on the FTP server.

Want to contribute?

Please follow these simple rules:

  1. Your program must be compiled using cc65, and it must be open source, so it is useful for others.
  2. Give it a version number.
  3. Create an archive with the complete sources and optionally compiled binaries. The archive should carry the name of your program plus the version number plus an extension that tells which archiver was used. Example:
  4. Create a text file with the same base name as the archive but a .txt extension. This text file should contain a short description of the program, the name of the author, the compiler version used to develop it, the platform it runs on, and other things that might be important for a user to judge if this program could be useful for him. As an example, othello-0.3.0.txt should state:
    	othello-0.3.0 - An implementation of the othello game
       	Written by Joe F. User on 2002-12-24. For questions or
    	suggestions contact me at
       	Developed using cc65 version 8.3.0.
       	Tested on the C64, but should be portable to other platforms
       	with a VIC and a SID (C128 and P500 come to mind). For
    	porting, see comments in the source code.
  5. Send me both files via mail.

Thank you for your support!

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