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5. Loadable drivers

5.1 Graphics drivers

No graphics drivers are currently available for the C16/C116.

5.2 Extended memory drivers


A driver for the hidden RAM below the BASIC and KERNAL ROMs. Supports 125 pages with 256 bytes each if the machine is equipped with 64K of memory (a Plus/4 or a memory extended C16/116).

5.3 Joystick drivers

Supports up to two joysticks connected to the standard joysticks port of the Commodore 16/116.

5.4 Mouse drivers

Currently no drivers available (in fact, the API for loadable mouse drivers does not exist).

5.5 RS232 device drivers

The Commodore 16 does not have a builtin ACIA and no RS232 extensions are known. For this reason, there are no RS232 drivers available. Please note that the standard Plus/4 driver will not run together with the C16 library, because the latter does not support interrupts needed by the driver.

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