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5. Loadable drivers

5.1 Graphics drivers

Note: All available graphics drivers for the TGI interface will use the space below the I/O area and kernal ROM, so you can have hires graphics in the standard setup without any memory loss or need for a changed configuration.


This driver features a resolution of 320*200 with two colors and an adjustable palette (that means that the two colors can be chosen out of a palette of the 16 C64 colors).

5.2 Extended memory drivers


A driver for the GeoRam cartridge. The driver will always assume 2048 pages of 256 bytes each. There are no checks, so if your program knows better, just go ahead.


A driver for the hidden RAM below the I/O area and kernal ROM. Supports 48 256 byte pages. Please note that this driver is incompatible with any of the graphics drivers!


A driver for the RamCart 64/128 written and contributed by Maciej Witkowiak. Will test the hardware for the available RAM.


A driver for the CBM REUs. The driver will determine from the connected REU if it supports 128KB of RAM or more. In the latter case, 256KB are assumed, but since there are no range checks, the application can use more memory if it has better knowledge about the hardware than the driver.


A driver for the VDC memory of the C128. Written and contributed by Maciej Witkowiak. Can be used if the program is running in C64 mode of the C128. Autodetects the amount of memory available (16 or 64K) and offers 64 or 256 pages of 256 bytes each.


A driver for the C64 D2TV (the second or PAL version). This driver offers indeed 7680 pages of 256 bytes each.

5.3 Joystick drivers

Driver for the Digital Excess & Hitmen adapter contributed by Groepaz. See on instructions how to build one. Up to four joysticks are supported.

Driver for the Protovision 4-player adapter contributed by Groepaz. See for prices and building instructions. Up to four joysticks are supported.

Supports up to two standard joysticks connected to the joysticks port of the C64.

Supports one joystick emulated by the numberpad of the C128 in C64 mode, the firebutton is labeled "5" and ENTER.

5.4 Mouse drivers


Supports a standard mouse connected to port #0 of the C64.


Supports a mouse emulated by a standard joystick e.g. 1350 mouse in port #1 of the C64.


Supports a potentiometer device e.g. Koala Pad connected to port #1 of the C64.

5.5 RS232 device drivers


Driver for the SwiftLink cartridge. Supports up to 38400 baud, hardware flow control (RTS/CTS) and interrupt driven receives. Note that because of the peculiarities of the 6551 chip together with the use of the NMI, transmits are not interrupt driven, and the transceiver blocks if the receiver asserts flow control because of a full buffer.

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