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8. Address sizes and memory models

8.1 Address sizes

ca65 assigns each segment and each symbol an address size. This is true, even if the symbol is not used as an address. You may also think of a value range of the symbol instead of an address size.

Possible address sizes are:

Since the assembler uses default address sizes for the segments and symbols, it is usually not necessary to override the default behaviour. In cases, where it is necessary, the following keywords may be used to specify address sizes:

8.2 Address sizes of segments

The assembler assigns an address size to each segment. Since the representation of a label within this segment is "segment start + offset", labels will inherit the address size of the segment they are declared in.

The address size of a segment may be changed, by using an optional address size modifier. See the segment directive for an explanation on how this is done.

8.3 Address sizes of symbols

8.4 Memory models

The default address size of a segment depends on the memory model used. Since labels inherit the address size from the segment they are declared in, changing the memory model is an easy way to change the address size of many symbols at once.

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