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3. Peculiarities

3.1 Cross links

Since ca65html is able to generate links between modules, the best way to use it is to supply all modules to it in one run, instead of running each file separately through it.

3.2 Include files

For now, ca65html will not read files included with .include. Specifying the include files as normal input files on the command line works in many cases.

3.3 Conversion errors

Since ca65html does not really parse the input, but does most of its work applying text patterns, it doesn't know anything about scoping and advanced features of the assembler. This means that it might miss a label. And, it might choose the wrong color for an item, in rare cases. Because it's just a tool for displaying sources in a nice form, I think that's OK. Anyway, if you find a conversion problem, you can send me a short piece of example input code. If possible, I will fix it.

3.4 Colorization

While having colors in the output looks really nice, it has one drawback:

  1. Because lots of <span> tags are created in the output, the size of the output file literally will explode. It seems to be the price that you have to pay for color.

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