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3.156 strncpy


Copy part of a string.




char* __fastcall__ strcpy (char* s1, const char* s2, size_t n);


The strncpy function copies not more than n bytes from the array pointed to by s2 to the array pointed to by s1. If the array pointed to by s2 is a string that is shorter than n bytes, null bytes are appended to the copy in the array pointed to by s1, until n bytes are written. The function will always return s1.


  • The function is only available as fastcall function, so it may only be used in presence of a prototype. If there is no null byte in the first n bytes of the array pointed to by s2, the result is not null-terminated.
  • If copying takes place between objects that overlap, the behaviour is undefined.


ISO 9899

See also

strcat, strcpy, strncat


#include <string.h>

static char hello[6];

strcpy (hello, "Hello world!\n", sizeof (hello) - 1);
hello[5] = '\0';

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