[cc65] Search path priority

From: Uffe Jakobsen <uffe1uffe.org>
Date: 2012-10-22 12:27:59

I'm having a problem with the search path priority for (at least) cc65, 
ld65 and ca65.

The current search path priority mechanism is described here:


My main objection is that the "compiled in directory path" has priority 
over the CC65_HOME environment variable and frields (CA65_INC, CC65_INC, 
LD65_LIB, LD65_OBJ, LD65_CFG).

The current priority prevents a user from overloading the search path 
*IF* the compiled "compiled in directory paths" exists - and there is 
nothing that he/she can do to get around it as far as I can see.

Please consider this scenario:

A multi-user development system running unix distribution X that has 
CC65 installed from the distribution package repository.

The CC65 installation fulfills most of the developers needs but the CC65 
package is rather old and a few of the developers need one or more new 
versions of CC65 installed on the that system.

The problem here is that the manually installed CC65 packages still will 
find and use the old includes, libs etc that belong to the CC65 
installed from the package repo. Because of the current priority the 
packages have a hard time co-existing.

In my opinion the search path priority is wrong is should be swapped so 
that the environment variables (if setup) have priority over the default 
hard-coded paths - this is what most unix programs does - and it enables 
flexible and easy co-existence for multiple versions of the same program.

Thanks in advance.

kind regards Uffe

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