Re: [cc65] Search path priority

From: Uffe Jakobsen <>
Date: 2012-10-22 16:13:37
Hi Uz,

On 2012-10-22 15:07, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 12:27:59PM +0200, Uffe Jakobsen wrote:
>> path *IF* the compiled "compiled in directory paths" exists - and
>> there is nothing that he/she can do to get around it as far as I can
>> see.
> There is an easy way to have exactly the search paths you want:
> Just use --forget-inc-paths when calling any of the tools. This will remove
> all paths including the builtin ones from the search list. Then use -I to
> setup your own search list.

As far as I can see that works for cc65 and ca65 - but not ld65.

With ld65 I cannot see an option that makes it forget its compiled paths 
- or did I miss anything ?

>> A multi-user development system running unix distribution X that has
>> CC65 installed from the distribution package repository.
>> The CC65 installation fulfills most of the developers needs but the
>> CC65 package is rather old and a few of the developers need one or
>> more new versions of CC65 installed on the that system.
>> The problem here is that the manually installed CC65 packages still
>> will find and use the old includes, libs etc that belong to the CC65
>> installed from the package repo. Because of the current priority the
>> packages have a hard time co-existing.
> Please note that I'm developing cc65 under Linux and this is exactly the
> scenario I'm living with every day:-)
> I have a stable version of cc65 installed and I'm using one or more
> development versions in several directories. The library build system does
> even have --forget-inc-paths sprinkled everywhere over the makefiles because
> otherwise it wouldn't be possible to build a development version on a system
> that has a stable version installed.

If I understand you correct:
This requires every developer to be aware of this "feature" - and 
plaster his makefiles with options compensating for the current search 
path approach - if not his project will not work properly in situations 
that I described in the initial email.

It sounds wrong to me that every developer should compensate for this 
feature in his makefiles. And we all know that this will not happen. I 
bet that almost every (lets say 99 of 100) CC65 based open-source 
projects found on the internet will have problems building out of the 
box on systems like yours and mine. Changing the search path priorities 
would solve this problem as far as I can see.

Is there any compelling reason for not changing the search path priority 
as suggested ? It sounds to me that this feature would ease up your own 
development and shorten your makefiles considerably ;-)
As far as I can see there is no real compatibility problem if the env 
vars is not setup - I guess the user did that on purpose. And if unset 
everything works as allways - which I would believe is the most usual 

Kind regards Uffe Jakobsen

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