[cc65] Color palettes

From: Karri Kaksonen <karri1sipo.fi>
Date: 2012-10-23 12:52:13
Hi to everybody.

There is a very cool discussion going on at 

This discusses an optimal 16 color palette that can be used for any 
game! The results are really amazing. See some screenshots at 

In any case an Australian girl Cammy created a palette for the Lynx 
around these ideas and I really like it much much more than the previous 
boring default palette.

As the colors change a lot from the previous values I had to use new 
color names in the Lynx tgi driver.

/* Color defines */
#define COLOR_BLACK             0x00
#define COLOR_RED               0x01
#define COLOR_PINK              0x02
#define COLOR_LIGHTGREY         0x03
#define COLOR_GREY              0x04
#define COLOR_DARKGREY          0x05
#define COLOR_BROWN             0x06
#define COLOR_PEACH             0x07
#define COLOR_YELLOW            0x08
#define COLOR_LIGHTGREEN        0x09
#define COLOR_GREEN             0x0A
#define COLOR_DARKBROWN         0x0B
#define COLOR_VIOLET            0x0C
#define COLOR_BLUE              0x0D
#define COLOR_LIGHBLUE          0x0E
#define COLOR_WHITE             0x0F

The COLOR_BLACK is actually COLOR_TRANSPARENT for sprites and 
COLOR_DARKBROWN is used as sprite black.

If someone believes that this change breaks something please comment.

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