Re: [cc65] tgi_sprite and friends

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2012-11-08 11:30:06

>> Could it be tgi_bitmap with some arguments?
> Or maybe tgi_bitblt() ?

Thinking a bit more about the name...

The idea of tgi_bitmap() is to be similiar to tgi_line(), tgi_bar(),

However these are geometric figures and it's clear there's nothing
else you can do about them beside drawing. Other things like pixels
follow a different naming pattern.

The TGI API is derived from the BGI API you can find at

For some reason or another Uz replaced putpixel() with tgi_setpixel()
which seems sort of a pitty to me as in the BGI API set...() means
modifying the internal state of the enigne while put...() means
modifying the screen.

Anyway - now there's no tgi_put...() in the TGI API so I'd go for
tgi_set...() - which leaves us the option to possibly later add a

So the last question is tgi_setimage() (closer to the BGI API) or
tgi_setbitmap() (more intuitive ?).

I personally would go for tgi_setbitmap() as tgi_setimage() seems to
imply some "advanced abstration" we don't want to offer. Rather ther
opposite: I.e. hardware-sprites (which might be classified as images
too) are not covered by the function.

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