[cc65] .EXPORT

From: <silverdr1wfmh.org.pl>
Date: 2012-12-31 02:17:03
The docs say:

11.38 .EXPORT

Make symbols accessible from other modules. Must be followed by a comma separated list of symbols to export, with each one *optionally* followed by an address specification [...]

What I am trying to do is to define a label and export it in one line instead of doing

.EXPORT prefs_retry_count
	.byte	5

kind of non-DRY type of work.

However when I do something like this

.EXPORT prefs_retry_count:
	.byte	5

I receive

preferences.s(52): Error: Address size specifier expected
preferences.s(53): Error: Unexpected trailing garbage characters

Is that a bug or feature? ;-)


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