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From: <>
Date: 2013-01-06 20:10:44
On 2013-01-05, at 21:08, Christian Krger wrote:

> ATM I see nobody is willing to substitute you (even partially - the old time/knowledge problem...),

If we talk about the core of cc65 (compiler, assembler, linker), I think there is no - even remote - match for Uz in terms of knowledge and the ability to isolate/fix problems/improve the tools quickly. It may be hard to find someone who'd dare to volunteer for that part as long as Uz is still somewhere around the project. But it was also not asked for as of today. What was asked for is to take over the lib maintenance, which is a very reasonable request, for which it would be much easier for someone else to step in. We wait for the named candidate to respond but he may still be on holidays as he doesn't reply to other messages either. Since he is a) named first by Uz, and b) probably the best bee... erm... candidate, we shall all (?) wait until he speaks out before trying any other candidature.

> so I think if you still could provide at least fixes, this is more we could expect in respect to the situation.

Yes, usual quick fixes at least for the core tools would be highly appreciated. If complemented with some consulting for the new lib maintainer on short, as needed basis - I believe we are all set and we shall still be very grateful.

> Thank you again for your outstanding support and that you kept the project so long alive this way

We've sent many kudos about this already, but I sincerely believe they are all earned with no Qs open!

> - esp. with the small user base in mind!

My belief is that the user base is not /that/ small. Especially not as small as the number of active participants on this mailing list ;-)


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