[cc65] Problem with linker?

From: Payton Byrd <plbyrd1gmail.com>
Date: 2013-01-07 10:59:47
I've got an interesting problem.  Please look at this segment list from the
linker map:

Segment list:
Name                   Start     End    Size  Align

ZEROPAGE              000002  00001B  00001A  00001
DATA                  004000  0040E7  0000E8  00001
ZPSAVE                0040E8  004101  00001A  00001

BSS                   004102  00424F  00014E  00001
STARTUP               008000  00805F  000060  00001
INIT                  008060  0080A0  000041  00001
CODE                  0080A1  *00B40C*  00336C  00001

RODATA                *00B4F5*  00B803  00030F  00001
MUSIC                 00B90D  00BFFE  0006F2  00001
SCRBUF                00C000  00C09B  00009C  00001

Notice the two bold values.  Shouldn't they be sequential?  I seem to have
lost about $E9 worth of space in my ROM which I really, really need.
Payton Byrd

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