Re: [cc65] News for 2013

From: Christian Grössler <>
Date: 2013-01-10 10:39:00

On 01/09/13 21:18, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> What about routines in the library that aren't part of any target library?
> Example: Stefan Haubenthal reported a bug in the printf family of functions.
> Who is going to fix that in your scenario? (Before anybody asks: It is unfixed
> until now).
Where can I get information about this bug?

I think as one of the first steps, if you cease maintainership of the library,
would be to collect such bug reports either in a bug tracking system or the
wiki (or wherever we decide).

For new bugs a mail address like could be established. All
active library maintainers would receive these messages. Is the cc65dev list
still existing? On this list the maintainers could synchronize who fixes which
bug etc.

All this makes IMO sense, regardless if there is a designated "runtime library
maintainer" or its job is collectively done by the target maintainers.

> And what about the subsystems? Having three target library maintainers agree
> on something is good, but this is more or less coincidence if all three have
> just their systems in mind.
> And then, you have picked the three most similar systems in your example
> above. Stefan Haubenthal has volunteered as a maintainer for the Atmos target,
> which is great! So the three maintained systems would be complete even without
> counting the Atari (which, by the way is maintained by Christian).
Thanks Uz. I should have responded earlier to Oliver's statement about
the Atari as third 'actively maintained' system, but I'm still recovering from
my "slow response syndrome" I've developed over the last two years.

To state it again: I'm still (actively:-)) maintaining the Atari port.

> Having the Apple, CBM and Atari maintainers agree on something might create a
> bad solution for the Atmos or the Lynx (or other systems). So I do really
> think that it would be advantageous to have someone who cares about the
> library as such, speaks up for not very well maintained systems or thinks
> about general concepts without regard to a specific target.
Yes this would be dangerous if there would only be the Apple, CBM,
and Atari maintainers actively working on the library.

But if I understand correctly, there are at least two other actively
maintained systems (Lynx and Atmos) which are more different than
the former three and have different requi. Their maintainers should of course raise the red
flag if a change proposal for the library doesn't make sense on their

> But anyway, thanks for your feedback. I will need to think about possible
> solutions. Maybe someone else steps up or I have another idea.
Thanks for all your efforts in creating cc65 as it is now!


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