Re: [cc65] News for 2013

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-01-14 11:01:09

Let's see...

- This thread was initiated two weeks ago and I can't see it moving
towards a conclusion. Especially the question raised regarding the CBM
library development seems still as open as on day one.

- Uz made pretty clear ("I will need to think about possible
solutions. Maybe someone else steps up or I have another idea.") that
he can't identify himself with the ideas I presented in this thread.

- I didn't receive any other feedback (neither positive nor negative)
on my ideas - neither via replies to this thread nor via PM.

- My last posting to this thread didn't receive any feedback at all in
the last four days.

From that perspective it is more than reasonable - maybe even overdue
- that I explicitly state that I'm not available for the role of the
"principal library architect".

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