Re: [cc65] Romable configuration / run-time library?

From: Darryl Sokoloski <>
Date: 2013-01-19 05:33:12

> You might want to trace through the function again, and this time check if the
> vector stored here is already invalid (which means that the problem is
> probably caused by missing data segment initialization), or corrupted later.

Yes you were absolutely correct!  I did as suggested and found an
issue, but it was much earlier on.  I found that .pushax was trying to
use an invalid stack pointer address.  I traced this back to missing
zero-page values.  Since I have removed basic4 completely there is at
least one PET configuration value (MEMSIZE) that was not initialized
at address $34 (  Hence the value of 'sp' was $0000, and
would overflow to $FFFE after a .pushax (and/or other 'sp'

Long story short, I booted basic4 and copied $00 - $54 to my startup,
and now everything works as expected! :^)

Thanks to everyone who replied, I very much appreciate it!

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