Re: [cc65] Romable configuration / run-time library?

From: Darryl Sokoloski <>
Date: 2013-01-19 16:39:10

> The function library has a subroutine that does that job for you.
> Look at "libsrc/common/copydata.s".

Ah yes, thank-you!  I now import and call copydata from crt0.s and it
works a treat.  And as a bonus, I no longer have to rewrite my crappy
copy code when the data segment inevitably grows beyond 255 bytes.

If possible, I think it could be handy to briefly mention this routine
in section 5.4 LOAD and RUN addresses (ROMable code) of the LD65

Perhaps around this paragraph:
"The linker cannot help you copying the data from ROM into RAM (this
must be done by the startup code of your program), but it has some
features that will help you in this process."

Again, thanks for the tip! ;^)

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