Re: [cc65] Romable configuration / run-time library?

From: Darryl Sokoloski <>
Date: 2013-01-22 23:14:51

> So, you can start "RAM:" at $400.

Thanks!  Done...  recovered 13 bytes! :^)

By the way, I just wanted to reiterate again how impressed I am with
your work (any everyone else who has contributed).  Now that I have
everything running properly, I've had a lot of time to play with the
run-time library and have had nothing but success implementing my
project.  This is really impressive stuff running on a 6502! ;^)

One thing that I couldn't do unfortunately is pull in the debug
routines... I guess because of how I segmented the ROM, I don't have
enough space for it.

This is probably a silly question but do you know of a way that I can
somehow tell the linker to address "Start:" in crt0.s to $D3B6 thus
eliminating the segmentation I'm doing with "STARTUP":

    ZP:         file = "", start = $0055, size = $001A, define = yes;
    RAM:        file = "", start = $0400,
                size = $8000 - $0400 - __STACKSIZE__, define = yes;
    ROM:        file = %O, start = $B000, size = $23B6, fill = yes;
    STARTUP:    file = %O, start = $D3B6, size = $0C4A, fill = yes,
define = yes;

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