[cc65] linker config Q

From: <silverdr1wfmh.org.pl>
Date: 2013-01-25 00:57:50
- I can define MEMORY entries being output to a specific file (like "%O.mystuff0").
- I can define SEGMENT entries to point to particular MEMORY entries.
- Effectively with this approach I can skip using ".org" let alone "* =".

But is there a way to configure the linker in such way that more than one file belonging to particular MEMORY entry would be generated? I need to output binaries that would be loaded alternatively on as needed basis. All of them will have to land in the same memory area..

I guess that of course I can multiply MEMORY entries like:

	MEM0_00: start = $0300, size = $0300, type = rw, file = "%O.mystuff00";
	MEM0_01: start = $0300, size = $0300, type = rw, file = "%O.mystuff01";
	MEM0_02: start = $0300, size = $0300, type = rw, file = "%O.mystuff02";
	MEM0_XY: start = $0300, size = $0300, type = rw, file = "%O.mystuffxy";

and then multiply respective SEGMENT entries and assign each file to different SEGMENT.

But I am wondering whether there is something that I could call a "more elegant" solution. Or just want to be sure that there isn't, before expanding my config like above :-)

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