Re: [cc65] linker config Q

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-01-25 13:35:27

> I mean, I probably would find it more intuitive, at least in the given case, to define one (1) memory area (because in reality it would fully map 1:1 between the entry and the physical MEM then)

I understand that the name 'memory area' almost automatically leads to
this perspective. However actually following it doesn't get one far
when it comes to more complex configs. Seeing memory areas as "segment
containers" which happen to have a start address allowing the
contained segments to "work" when the container content happens to be
placed in RAM at that address is - at least for me - much more

As soon as segments have both load and run addresses or as soon as
there's some overlay/banking involved the "naive" memory area "model"
just doesn't work anymore.

Just my two cents,
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