[cc65] ld65 does not accept external cfg file for o65 output?

From: Gábor Lénárt <lgb1lgb.hu>
Date: 2013-01-27 22:53:48

$ ld65 --dump-config lunix > lunix.cfg

Ok, now I have dumped the configuration for lunix.

If I try to use it:

$ ld65 --cfg-path lunix.cfg test.o
ld65: Error: Memory configuration missing

But if I try the built-in cfg:

$ ld65 -t lunix test.o
ld65: Warning: [builtin config](8): Segment `STARTUP' does not exist
ld65: Error: Unresolved export: `main'

(the actual error is OK here, since it's only a test without anything
in the test.asm, test.o was compiled from)

Now I am not sure I understand this: if --dump-config dumps exactly the
internal configuration used by '-t ...' why can't I use that without
'Memory configuration missing' when it works with the '-t' what is dumped
for the first test?

The original problem that I wanted to create my own ld config file with o65 as
output and I always got 'Memory configuration missing' by ld65, whatever I
tried, so I checked out an already existing configuration using the o65
format, but it seems the issue remains: even with builtin (so treated as "it
must be OK") ld65 refuses to work with it.

$ ld65 --version
ld65 V2.13.3 - (C) Copyright 1998-2009, Ullrich von Bassewitz

I'm sure I was the one who missed something, but I can't figure out what ...


- Gábor
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