[cc65] struct union [2]

From: Stefan <vorsichtphysiker1gmx.net>
Date: 2013-02-01 21:59:26
Sorry, copy and paste alert: 

struct a
    int x;
    int y;

union b
    int x;
    int y;

appears only one time at the beginning of the code!

I now also tried gcc with the same code and got following output

> Executing: C:\Program Files (x86)\ConTEXT\ConExec.exe "gcc" "C:\Users\Stefan\Documents\C64\Coding\25years\BorderSquare4x4frac\Scrolling\struniontest.c" -ostruniontest

C:\Users\Stefan\Documents\C64\Coding\25years\BorderSquare4x4frac\Scrolling\struniontest.c: In function 'main':
C:\Users\Stefan\Documents\C64\Coding\25years\BorderSquare4x4frac\Scrolling\struniontest.c:16:8: error: 'a' defined as wrong kind of tag
C:\Users\Stefan\Documents\C64\Coding\25years\BorderSquare4x4frac\Scrolling\struniontest.c:16:10: error: storage size of 'd' isn't known
C:\Users\Stefan\Documents\C64\Coding\25years\BorderSquare4x4frac\Scrolling\struniontest.c:17:9: error: 'b' defined as wrong kind of tag
C:\Users\Stefan\Documents\C64\Coding\25years\BorderSquare4x4frac\Scrolling\struniontest.c:17:11: error: storage size of 'e' isn't known
C:\Users\Stefan\Documents\C64\Coding\25years\BorderSquare4x4frac\Scrolling\struniontest.c:18:8: error: 'b' defined as wrong kind of tag
C:\Users\Stefan\Documents\C64\Coding\25years\BorderSquare4x4frac\Scrolling\struniontest.c:18:10: error: storage size of 'f' isn't known
> Execution finished.
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