Re: [cc65] Disable KERNAL ROM ?

From: <>
Date: 2013-02-13 16:39:05
On 2013-02-13, at 16:27, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

>> The original handlers may do RTI by themselves.
> Or there are well known KERNAL locations doing the actual work that
> can be called directly - I don't know...

While this holds true that most KERNAL extensions try to preserve major entry points, I am against this approach. We want this to be as compatible as it gets and this condition excludes calling ROM routines outside of the documented vectors. I think it is better to do some cheating on the stack than call mid-ROM routines.

>> This has to be taken care of properly.
> Surely!
>> Presumably by stack tweaking.
> Or by faking an IRQ with a
>  php
>  jsr
> sequence.

Which I'd put in the same basket ;-)


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