Re: [cc65] Disable KERNAL ROM ?

From: <>
Date: 2013-02-14 02:00:23
On 2013-02-14, at 01:35, Groepaz wrote:

>>>> I have similar feelings as Spiro. If the c64 platform is changed, it
>>>> doesn't make sense to bank out just the kernal. Banking out I/O also is
>>>> not much worse, but has the advantage of giving linear memory.
>>> I see. My reading on C64 memory layout options didn't reveal that
>>> option. Otherwise I'd probably proposed it in the first place.
>> On a 64 banking out the I/O is usually done as "last resort" when running
>> out of mem, therefore it didn't strike me that you were not proposing it
>> as first thing to do. But for a compiled programs it may well be the case.

I noticed I didn't finish the sentence. I wanted to write that "for compiled programs it may well be the best case (as there are no mind jobs needed) to bank I/O as well or even first"

> imho the reason for that is though that so many people are afraid of the 
> implications, and so few understand how to setup a proper interrupt handler 
> that works regardless of i/o being banked in or not. once you made this 
> happen, there really is little reason NOT to bank it out.

No disagreement - full ACK.

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