[cc65] trust void func(void){} beeing empty

From: Stefan <vorsichtphysiker1gmx.net>
Date: 2013-02-14 08:17:22
Is a function 

void func(void){} always empty?

Does void func(void){asm ("Instr1"); asm ("Instr1");} contain always only the assembler code?
Will that change in future, maybe?

The question relates to defining pieces of speedcode for later assembling them together in one lengthy highly repetitive code.
For now, i define them in a seperate .s file and export the start and endaddress of the piece of code. With using the c inline assembler i would have the advantage of simply beeing able to use sizeof(func) and i can also declare a union with a function pointer to the piece of code and a struct resembling the opcodes and the operands.

Yours Monte
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