Re: [cc65] Disable KERNAL ROM ?

From: <>
Date: 2013-02-14 21:13:57
On 2013-02-14, at 09:17, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

> C16: 2671 bytes
> Plus/4: 2755 bytes
> At least to me the result is more than clear. Nobody cares about or
> even notices a size increase in that scale. At least not the beginners
> we're talking about here.

Indeed - as long as the results on the 64 would be similar - this is a cogent example.

> Interestingly the difference is less then
> the recent interrupt handling change gained. So potentially a hello
> world built with the next release of cc65 for C64 with banking would
> have a similiar size to one built with the last release without
> banking ;-))

Which is why I liked this new approach so much! :-D

> [...]. But at least for read() / write() it would make a
> difference as the buffer they loop over to do BSIN / BSOUT

arrghh.. CHRIN/CHROUT ;-)

> In case my assumptions above are correct my gut feeling is:
> - A custom segment might rather replace the current c64 target.
> - Linear RAM might rather become an additional target.
> I'm personally open for both...

I can tell what were my first impressions, by which I possibly mistakenly extrapolate to other potential users.

When I first realised that the amount of memory available for C programs on a 64 was limited as it is, I actually felt disappointed, because I somehow assumed that limitations similar to BASIC ones would not be valid at all for C programs. Of course I understand why they were/are there (and that's why I like so much the possibility that it may change) but I - kind of - expected this to be already taken care of when I had a look at cc65 for the first time. I would say that to me (if we talk about C language), more important would be that I would not have to actually do anything (special in the code) in order to have the program use all possible memory. To me the most appealing beauty of cc65 is the high level of portability (of standard C stuff) across various targets. I would put keeping this at the top. Therefore, as first I would go for linear mem and no extra code needed to enable the feature. If this is realised as another target (like "c64_fullmem" or whatever we choose) - fine. Only once this is done, I would check if there is anything that could be done to help the original target, preferably  without breaking its backward compatibility.


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