Re: [cc65] How to *not* use the Apple II Language Card...

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-02-17 20:21:51
Hi David,

> Could someone please confirm
> if crt will attempt to use the Language Card


> and if so, how to prevent it so
> crt doesn't get hung up as well?

The CRT hits the LC softswitches (and you can't prevent it from doing
so) so a cc65 program is probably not exactly the best platform for LC

As long as you don't actually place code in the LC segment the CRT
doesn't rely on a LC being present. The softswitches hit are supposed
to do just nothing.

But if there's however a broken LC present which in example can be
turned on but not be turend off this will cause cc65 programs to fail.

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