Re: [cc65] Another linker Q/R

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-02-22 07:15:11

> Can't you do this with a Makefile and some scripts?  Read the info from the
> linker config and generate an include file?

Thinking in that direction there are of course many options. In
example I'd certainly define the names of the files in the Makefile,
- that's the "master" file

- it's beneficial to know the names there too (i.e. for clean,zap)

The source learns about the names via -D compiler options.

The linker config contains placeholders like $name1$ and and an sed
command in the Makefile replaces them with the actual names.

And here comes the ld65 feature request as I'd phrase it: Extend the
-o option that can be used to replace %O in the linker config to a
general mechanism to replace variables with values provided on the
ld65 cmdline (thus avoiding the sed thingy).

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