[cc65] CBM C-Library Features and Usecases

From: Oliver Schmidt <ol.sc1web.de>
Date: 2013-02-22 11:47:19

As you know I'm now and then wondering why there are still features missing
in the CBM C-Library which seem to be implementable with reasonable effort
and which are aleady implemented for other cc65 targets - although the C64
hackers surely outnumber the other cc65 users.

So thought it might make sense to inform you that there are at least partly
very clear usescases for those features:

1. DIO: There's a Contiki WGET application that allows to downlaod files
from web servers and write them to the local filesystem. With DIO support
it would be possible to add a special case for .D64 files which allows to
write them sector-wise to a local 5.25" floppy. The Contiki 1.x WGET
already had that feature based on some assembler coding. Conceptually the
same goes btw. for the Contiki FTP client.

2. exec(): The Contiki 1.x webbrowser allowed to launch the WGET
application if the MIME type of an opened URL wasn't HTML. As Contiki now
consists of individual standalone binaries this is feature is disabled.
Based on an exec() with parameter support if would be possible to bring it


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