Re: [cc65] CBM C-Library Features and Usecases

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-02-22 12:09:03

> 1. DIO [...]
arent there cbm_ functions for this? probably thats why noone misses dio ?

Hm, I'm missing them badly, so your statement is per definition wrong ;-))

1. If there are cbm_ functions for sector-level access then it should be
pretty easy to implement DIO based on them allowing for uniform
cross-target programming.

2. If there are cbm_ functions for sector-level access I presume they have
track and sector as parameter. Given that the number for sectors per track
is variable on CBM drives/DOS/<whatever is the right term here> it's not
trivial to convert that from/to the linear sector stream in .D64 files.
That's exactly the type of "business logic" I'd like to see encapsulated in
the C library instead of having to deal with it as an application

3. If there are cbm_ functions for sector-level access which are straight
forward to use and if noone beside me thinks it would make sense to
encapsulate them into DIO functions then I'd ask to have the cc65 sample
'diodemo' extended with #ifdef __CBM__ to make use of them to provide the
same functionality it provides on the Apple2. Then this could serve as a
meaningful documentation.

Just my two cents,

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