Re: [cc65] Closing down

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-04-21 21:51:26

>> That new feature has a fatal bug I reported via PM; but, Uz didn't fix
>> it, in the weeks before officially resigning. So, we don't need
>> analysis. We need a fix of ld65.

> I believe that I have written, after some head-scratching, what we need.

Cool :-)

> The bug puts the import symbol into the wrong list.  It's put into the list
> of linker-generated, therefore permanent, names.

That matches my experience of seeing the symbol in the map file even
if there are no interruptors linked in...

> It should go into the
> temporary list of names from the (library) object module that triggerred
> that import.  (That list is discarded if the module isn't linked into the
> program.)  __CALLIRQ__ is created by the linker; but, we don't want it to
> act that way.  We want it to disappear if the interruptor isn't used.


> Index: src/ld65/exports.c
> [...]

Obviously I'll be happy to accept this fix in any form. However I'd
appreciate if you'd take this opportunity to trying out the GitHub
pull request mechanism - as discussed via PM.

Thanks a lot, Oliver
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