Re: [cc65] Hello, and a memory corruption (?) issue when optimizing

From: Maik Merten <>
Date: 2013-06-09 17:38:02
Am 09.06.2013 16:18, schrieb Groepaz:
> thats sounds strange - since that binary is in the middle of other included
> stuff its unlikely to get corrupted because of eg a stack or heap issue (or
> atleast, other stuff should also get corrupted).

Okay, this at least seems to indicate I'm not doing something obviously 
stupid, which is also nicely reassuring ;-)

> i'd try going back some revisions of the compiler and see if behaviour changes

I've tried several versions, but may have to browse versions in a more 
organized way. For now I'm simply on a SVN checkout of 2012-12-31, which 
is a random version that otherwise seems to work fine (the SVN trunk 
from at least a few days ago would not produce a working binary, I 
attributed this to an interrupt handling thing discussed back in March, 
so I just stuck with something randomly older). I should successively 
move forward in time and see if I can pinpoint something.


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