Re: [cc65] Hello, and a memory corruption (?) issue when optimizing

From: Maik Merten <>
Date: 2013-06-23 13:30:33
Am 22.06.2013 18:44, schrieb Oliver Schmidt:
>> I had some time to look into the issue, and think that the following patch
>> should fix the problem: [...]
> Oh, what a very nice surprise :-))

Indeed! Thanks a lot, Uz!

> I'm currently working on building automatic regression tests based on
> Stefans testsuite. As currently nobody is suffering from the bug in
> question - the OP has a known workaround afaik - I plan to first get
> the regression tests set up and to apply the patch afterwards.

I indeed have a working workaround (and actually it's cleaner than what 
caused the trouble). Of course, the more reliable the optimizations, the 
better ;-)

Having automated regression testing sounds like a very good idea. This 
would compile programs with various options, execute them in an 
emulator, and afterwards checks if certain memory locations contain 
expected values? Just curious :-)


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