Re: [cc65] Hello, and a memory corruption (?) issue when optimizing

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-06-23 13:31:10
Hi Uz,

>> However I felt
>> that fixing bugs was most likely not what you liked most about your
>> work on cc65 ;-)
> That's not exactly what my memory says, but fortunately it's of no relevance
> for the future :-)

I see :-)

>> And maybe it's worth mentioning at this point that you're explicitly
>> invited to participate as contributor in "cc65@GitHub" - i.e. by
>> subscribing to the mailing list mentioned there.
> I may do that at some point in the future, but currently I'm glad about not
> being bound.

It seems I was pretty unprecise - let me elaborate:

The mailing list is by no means
intended to be restricted to active contributors only. Rather it's
supposed to serve the same purpose this list serves - but with the
benefit of being maintained (incl. publicly available archive) without
effort from us. So subscribing to that list doesn't imply any
commitment or obligation from your side whatsoever.

On the other hand if a thread like this comes up in that list I'd need
to ask the OP to cross post to this list as you might be able to
provide a fix for him. That would create some expectation for the OP -
which I presume you're not interested in. But if you're on that list
too there's no reason to mention you in any way so you can just
monitor and decide freely when you're in the mood to look after some

Just my two cents,
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