Re: [cc65] Autostart ROM VIC-20 or C64 template project?

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-06-28 09:48:53

>> The cc65 2.14.0 source build doesn't depend on perl and "such". So seem to
>> have mixed up things...
> I saw that here:
> Which I realize is referring to the linux build, but I often look at that
> for cygwin builds.
> I had not seen the link you provide below.  I was using google to find cc65,
> and it always sent me to

I see. This (unfortunately) requires a closer look:

1. where you downloaded the
Windows binaries states:

"The .zip files found here contain prebuilt cc65 binaries for Microsoft Windows.

In order to use them proceed as described in Getting Started."

That 'Getting Started' points to - no link to whatsoever.

2. contains a link to

In the FTP directory there's no 2.14.0 whatsoever.

==> 2.13.x and 2.14.x are pretty different.

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