Re: [cc65] Autostart ROM VIC-20 or C64 template project?

From: Jim Brain <>
Date: 2013-06-28 17:29:43
On 6/28/2013 9:39 AM, Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
>>>> I followed the instructions, grabbing cc65-master, grabbing the Windows
>>>> EXE
>>>> drop, renaming drop to bin, putting it in cc65, setting ENV var CC65_HOME
>>>> to
>>>> that dir, and compiling.
> The page does
> _not_ mention setting CC65_HOME. I'd suggest to not set it with 2.14.x
It was actually set from previous package installs.  But, when it is 
removed, cygwin compiles error out immediately:

sh-4.1$ make
Using saved OPTIONS=mapfile
cl65 -t c64 -c --create-dep obj/c64/CharSet.d  -o obj/c64/CharSet.o 
src/CharSet.c(2): Error: Include file `string.h' not found
src/CharSet.c(3): Error: Include file `peekpoke.h' not found
src/CharSet.c(4): Error: Include file `cbm.h' not found
src/CharSet.c(9): Error: Undefined symbol: `CIA1'
src/CharSet.c(9): Error: Struct expected
src/CharSet.c(9): Error: Struct/union has no field named `cra'
src/CharSet.c(9): Error: Invalid lvalue
src/CharSet.c(9): Warning: Statement has no effect
src/CharSet.c(10): Error: Call to undefined function `POKE'
src/CharSet.c(10): Error: Call to undefined function `PEEK'
src/CharSet.c(13): Error: Call to undefined function `memcpy'
src/CharSet.c(16): Error: Struct expected
src/CharSet.c(16): Fatal: Too many errors
make: *** [obj/c64/CharSet.o] Error 1

Putting CC65_HOME back into env fixes the issue.

Std Windows build seems to work OK, but errors out with the c64.lib issue

> Okay, then the next step is to see if you can build a simple hello-world using.
>    cl65 helloworld.c
> without running into the issue.
Compiling std hello.c using Windows std binaries

C:\temp>cl65 -t c64 hello.c
hello.c(6): Warning: Implicit `int' return type is an obsolete feature
hello.c(8): Warning: Control reaches end of non-void function
ld65: Error: Input file `c64.lib' not found


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