Re: [cc65] Autostart ROM VIC-20 or C64 template project?

From: Jim Brain <>
Date: 2013-06-29 00:09:31
On 6/28/2013 2:59 PM, Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
>> I did move the files after compilation.
> So you didn't follow the instructions on the Getting Started page as
> they don't mention moving files ;-))
Guilty as charged.  Like I said, as a sysadmin, I've gotten into a habit 
when doing compiles on system utils.

I redid the Windows install, and it now works.  Some combination of 
uninstalling 2.13.3, fixing cygwin, etc. did the trick.  I will chalk it 
up to not finding your "getting started" link early in the process.

Payton's app compiles and runs under both compiler options now, and I 
have stripped his app to create a sample 8k and 16k cart template.  I'd 
love to send to folks who are more in the know for comments.


  * The crt0.s doesn't differ, but it'd be nice to allow initlib to be
    called or not depending on whether the user is invoking any
    libraries.  Also, the initial project had some ZPSAVE stuff in
    there, and I was not sure what it does, so I did not remove it.
  * the cfg file differs only in the size of the ROM area. Wondering if
    there is a way to create a single cfg file with some macro expansion.
  * I compared the files to skoe's EasyFlash CRT templates, and he has a
    second 16k CFG file for Ultimax mode.  Thought it would be nice to
    include that option.

Since I had that working, I started on the VIC-20 one.  After a lack of 
initial success, I decided to just compile hello-world for the vic, and 
I get this:

C:\temp>cl65 -t vic20 main.c
ld65: Warning: c:\tools\cc65\cfg/vic20.cfg(10): Memory area overflow in 
`RAM', s
egment `RODATA' (6 bytes)
ld65: Error: Cannot generate output due to memory area overflow


I took out the printf and just cycled the border colors, and that will 
compile and run.  I assume the issue is with the runtime resource demands.


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