Re: [cc65] Autostart ROM VIC-20 or C64 template project?

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-06-29 00:22:42

> I redid the Windows install, and it now works.

Good - thanks for the feedback :-)

> The crt0.s doesn't differ, but it'd be nice to allow initlib to be called or
> not depending on whether the user is invoking any libraries.

- If it's a C program you don't have control over what you implizitly need.
- The amount of code actually pulled into the binary by 'initlib'
actually depends on your library usage (by using "constructors"). So
it's not as stupid/fat as you might think. I'd always suggest having a
close look at a map file to identify actually large things before
removing stuff on suspicion.

> I took out the printf and just cycled the border colors, and that will
> compile and run.  I assume the issue is with the runtime resource demands.

A great example of what I wrote above. Replacing printf() first with
puts() and then with write() while diffing the map files shows things
much more interesting than initlib or zpsave ;-)

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