Re: [cc65] Possible bug in dbginfo.c

From: thefox xofeht <>
Date: 2013-07-03 06:04:54

On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 12:12 AM, Ullrich von Bassewitz <>wrote:

> Assuming that the code is the same as the one I have: While the comments
> around the code seem to say that it checks for asm symbols assigned to hll
> symbols for variables of class auto, it should not fail as it is, because
> there shouldn't be any non-auto symbols without an asm symbol.
> Which leads me to the question if there are actually problems or are you
> just
> concerned about the comments which contradict the actual code somehow?

Here are some lines from a .dbg file produced by cc65:

csym id=6,name="rand8",scope=1,type=5,sc=ext,sym=395
csym id=7,name="vram_adr",scope=1,type=5,sc=ext,sym=394
csym id=8,name="vram_fill",scope=1,type=5,sc=ext,sym=393
csym id=9,name="memcpy",scope=1,type=5,sc=ext
csym id=10,name="draw_map_row",scope=2,type=5,sc=ext,sym=377
csym id=11,name="row",scope=2,type=5,sc=auto
csym id=12,name="draw_room",scope=3,type=5,sc=ext,sym=376

The line with id=9 produces the error.

By the way, this is not from my own code, it was a bug reported by someone
who uses a tool that I wrote that uses dbginfo.c (I'm mentioning this
because I have no idea from where the memcpy line originates from, but I
assume from trying to use the string.h's memcpy function).


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