[cc65] Atari: IOCBs and failing OPENs

From: Christian Groessler <chris1groessler.org>
Date: 2013-07-04 12:23:58

I've found a long-standing bug in the Atari runtime, which could 
eventually cause "too many open files" errors when trying to open a file.

I've posted this question also on the Atariage forum:

The ICHID member of an IOCB can be used to detect if the IOCB is 
currently in use.
$FF means "free", other values mean "in use".

Now, when I try to open a file which does not exist, DOS returns an 
error (obviously), but ICHID is not $FF anymore.

So, in order to free the IOCB again, do I need to call CLOSE? Or is it 
sufficient to manually write $FF to ICHID?


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