Re: [cc65] Interrupt driven SID player

From: <>
Date: 2013-07-06 21:58:19
On 2013-07-06, at 21:50, Maik Merten wrote:

>> .org directive in ca65 works differently than in other assemblers (for a reason). using .org $1000 alone, won't make your code (or data) load at $1000. I'd suggest consulting the documentation on how to use it together with appropriate linker config.
> Ah, thanks for pointing that out!
> I will for sure have to give it a more in-depth read, but I guess one way to approach things may be to modify c64.cfg to define a new MEMORY entry (e.g. SIDMEMORY) of fitting size and start position and ensuring then that the RAM definition does not overlap. Then I'd define a new SEGMENTS entry referring to SIDMEMORY and put the .incbin into that segment.
> Sounds too simple to work ;-)

:-) This is what you probably mean anyway but for clarity: making own config file based on the original is the way to go...

	To make some things more simple in the longer run you may also try

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