Re: [cc65] Multiple issues with building/using CC65 on Mac OS X 10.8.4

From: <>
Date: 2013-07-14 23:32:39
On 2013-07-14, at 21:28, Julian Wolfe wrote:

> Haave any of you recently successfully built and run programs with cc65 on Mac OS X?

Sure. First question is HOW did you install the cc65 toolchain?

> 1) Run the compiler as root (some of this was taken care of by giving my account access to /usr/local)

Definitely one doesn't have to run the (cc65) compiler as root. For installing it in /usr/local - make has to be run as root but only for the "install" target (typical, normal, expected behaviour).

> 2) Force some default libraries to be searched for (it doesn't seem to know where the includes are)

No problems here - your installation must be severed..

> 3) Some things just weren't built, and there seems to be no straightforward way of building them.  If I go into the libsrc/geos directory, for example, and run 'make', it can't find geos.h.

I haven't build the demos but libraries get built along with the rest of the toolchain. They also get properly installed without problems. Once again: let us know the exact way you installed the toolchain and we should be able to pinpoint the weak spots.

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