Re: [cc65] Multiple issues with building/using CC65 on Mac OS X 10.8.4

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2013-07-15 08:42:57
From: "Julian Wolfe"; on Sunday, July 14, 2013; at 3:28 PM -0400
> I'm new to CC65, and have been playing with it this past day or so, I
> managed to build a dice roller for 80-column C128, but only after a lot
> of effort.  I seem to be having a lot of difficulty with pathing problems
> after installing the software on my system.  In order to build programs,
> I now have to:
> 1) Run the compiler as root (some of this was taken care of by giving my
> account access to "/usr/local").
> 2) Force some default libraries to be searched for (it doesn't seem to
> know where the includes are).
> 3) Some things just weren't built, and there seems to be no
> straightforward way of building them.  If I go into the "libsrc/geos"
> directory, for example, and run 'make', it can't find "geos.h".
> This results in stuff like mouse_init() not being recognized in the
> "geosconio.c" example.
> Have any of you recently successfully built and run programs with CC65 on
> Mac OS X?

There now are two distinct versions of the CC65 project, version 2.13 and
version 2.14.  Their makefiles are different.  In v2.14, the top directory
of the project has "Makefile".  In v2.13, the top makefile is in a
subdirectory; it's called "make/gcc.mak".  Your description of
"libsrc/geos" sounds like v2.13 (it has different names in v2.14).

libsrc's subdirectories aren't independent of each other.  Trying to build
a platform's library by changing into one of those subdirectories, and
running "make", might not work, at all.  Or, it would build only a part of
the library.  You must run "make" from within the "libsrc" directory; and,
give the right make target names.  For example, to get (only) the GEOS
library, you must give this command:
    make mostly-clean geoslib

But normally, you should build everything at the same time, from within
CC65's top-level directory, with this one command:
    make -f make/gcc.mak

It will build all of the tools and all of the function libraries.  As
"Silver Dream" wrote, you won't need write-access to the system
directories, at that time.  The upper-level makefiles will create the right
path-strings; and, give them to the lower-level makefiles.

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