Re: [cc65] printf: oops :-)

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2013-08-24 02:01:49
From: "Oliver Schmidt"; on Thursday, August 22, 2013; at 10:18 AM -0400
> Both Greg and Uz seem to talk about fixes. However, I haven't seen any
> of those materialize. If they are available, please provide a hint to
> me where/how to get them. If they are not available, I'd like to learn
> if it makes sense to wait -- and, potentially post a reminder later here
> -- or, if this thread is rather to be considered closed.

We seem to have taken different approaches.  Uz might have done a rather 
big rewrite of "_printf.s"; while I chose to patch the original code --  
attacking each bug, in turn.  I stopped my project after I saw Uz's first 
post about his code.

But now, probably, I should resume it.  I should "knock down" as many of 
the bugs as I can; and then, send a pull request to you.

At least, we would have something in a permanent public record until Uz 
decides that his code is ready for the glare of the spotlights.

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