[cc65] ca65: .string() function.

From: Jeremy Turner <jeremiah.turner1gmail.com>
Date: 2013-09-19 00:48:37
I really enjoy the macro system of ca65, and often use the macro code for
some fairly elaborate purposes, but sometimes it's hard to debug errors. I
often use something like:

.out .sprintf("parameter is: %s", .string(.mid(0,3,{foo} ) ) )

Which sometimes works, but sometimes it seems the token list contains
incompatible characters that the assembler recognizes as control
characters, like, close parenthesis ")" , equals "=" etc. The logical step
is to use:

.out .sprintf("parameter is: %s", .string({ .mid(0,3,{foo} ) }) )

But this doesn't seem to make the assembler happy either.

Is someone able to look at this functionality?


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