Re: [cc65] ca65 as crosscompiler

From: Christian Groessler <>
Date: 2013-10-08 22:41:05

On 10/08/13 21:21, Oliver Schmidt wrote:
>> I would like to use ca65 as crosscompiler WITHOUT cc65 with atari as
>> target.
> Some time ago we had a discussion here regarding usage of ca65 for the
> C64. The result was
> which is explained in
> Shortly afterwards I added
> for the Apple ][ following the same model - including the idea of the
> executable header to be optionally added by specifiying -u __EXEHDR__
> on the cmd line.

I don't know very much about Apple 2, but it looks like the
contents of the EXEHDR segment on the Apple only specify
load address and length (similar, but in a different format, like
an Atari load chunk).

What is the effect of leaving it out on the Apple?

On the C64 EXEHDR contains the BASIC stub to start the
program. If it's left out, there is still the header to load the
program to the correct place. So one can write a program
for e.g. $C000 and load it (with 'LOAD"prog",8,1') and start it
manually ("SYS49152").

>> Could anybody provide a minimal example vor an atari-asmonly.cfg?
> I'd appreciate an atari-asm.cfg coming as part of cc65 (following the
> same model if appropriate on the Atari).

I think for Atari, to behave similarily to C64 (as I wrote above,
I don't know how it is on Apple), I think the equvalent of leaving
out the EXEHDR would be to leave out AUTOSTRT. The one could
write a program which loads to its place, but needs to be run

During the mail flow today I found out two other things:

- Why doesn't ld65 complain about non-existing segments on the
   "none" target? (see my simple Atari assembler example)

- '--dump-config' doesn't work:
   $ ld65 --dump-config c64
   ld65: Unknown option: --dump-config


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