Re: [cc65] ca65 as crosscompiler

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-10-08 22:57:34
Hi Chris,

> I don't know very much about Apple 2, but it looks like the
> contents of the EXEHDR segment on the Apple only specify
> load address and length (similar, but in a different format, like
> an Atari load chunk).


> What is the effect of leaving it out on the Apple?

If it is desirable to have that EXEHDR being part of the binary
depends on the tool used to post-process the binary.

> On the C64 EXEHDR contains the BASIC stub to start the
> program. If it's left out, there is still the header to load the
> program to the correct place. So one can write a program
> for e.g. $C000 and load it (with 'LOAD"prog",8,1') and start it
> manually ("SYS49152").

You are right that the C64 EXEHDR has totally different semantic than
the Apple 2 EXEHDR. However what they have in common is that they are
what ca65-as-pure-crossassembler users can't agree upon. So it's
"cool" to make that controlable from the cmdline without the need to
edit the linker config.

> I think for Atari, to behave similarily to C64 (as I wrote above,
> I don't know how it is on Apple), I think the equvalent of leaving
> out the EXEHDR would be to leave out AUTOSTRT. The one could
> write a program which loads to its place, but needs to be run
> manually.

Without real Atari knowledge this sounds totally plausible to me.

> - '--dump-config' doesn't work:
>   $ ld65 --dump-config c64
>   ld65: Unknown option: --dump-config
>   $

I can't find '--dump-config' on ;-))

But seriously, check out

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