Re: [cc65] ca65 as crosscompiler

From: Daniel Serpell <>
Date: 2013-10-09 05:29:45

On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 4:21 PM, Oliver Schmidt <> wrote:
> Hi,
>> I would like to use ca65 as crosscompiler WITHOUT cc65 with atari as
>> target.
> Some time ago we had a discussion here regarding usage of ca65 for the
> C64. The result was
> which is explained in

> I'd appreciate an atari-asm.cfg coming as part of cc65 (following the
> same model if appropriate on the Atari).

Attached here is an example project using a minimal "atari-asm.cfg",
"atari-header.s" and a simple "demo.s".

Compile with "cl65 -o -t atari  -C atari-asm.cfg
atari-header.s demo.s",
remember that to see the output you should run it from a command-line DOS,
like sparta or bwdos.

To include something like this in the cc65 library, the current atari header
could be split from the crt0.s file, so it can be used without the rest of the
startup code.

If you want, I could make a patch to current git.


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