[cc65] Re: ca65 as crosscompiler

From: Wolfgang Werners-Lucchini <wwl1musensturm.de>
Date: 2013-10-09 14:21:32
> > I have read that I have to use a special linker.cfg file to achieve
> > this. But I do not understand some of the predefined segments like
> > STARTUP or ZPSAVE. Maybe this segments are only needed in a C
> > environment, but I am not sure.
> These segments are only needed for the C runtime.
> Btw, what version are you using? The latest version of the Atari
> runtime doesn't use ZPSAVE anymore.

H:\cc65\bin>ca65 --version
ca65 V2.13.2 - (C) Copyright 1998-2005 Ullrich von Bassewitz
ca65.exe: No input files


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